Two Coolers, one cant aro and one LCD TV presented to differently-abled children
17 Mar, 20

The students present in the ceremony were informed about the work of Child Line and Child Welfare Committee. At the same time, the students were told their rights and ways to protect themselves. Information was given on how to help children through CHILDLINE. On this occasion, Shraddha Gautam, Additional Director, Department of Child Empowerment, administered the oath of child protection soldier to the girls present. The campaign launched in Bal Week will be carried forward to safe childhood. During this time, on the cooperation and instruction of Nimesh Sanjarika, a resident of Mumbai, the girls of the special school have two coolers and a Kent of Aro LCD TV beds so that children can enjoy entertainment by watching TV while staying in a friendly environment, along with chalkets to the disabled children. Distributed biscuits and chips and became emotional while admiring the children of the organization. In view of the educational training work being done by the institution for the disabled girls, they expressed their gratitude to the staff and also gave confidence to help such children in future. All the guests were welcomed and thanked by the institution family.